Zidane confirms the absence of Bale Bell in front of Valladolid


French coach Zinedine Zidane, coach of Real Madrid football club, defended his Welsh striker Gareth Bale, stressing that the latter is not happy with the successive injuries suffered at this time that prevent him from participating in the games constantly.

Zidane said on Saturday during the press conference that he held before the Real Madrid match on Sunday against his competitor Valladolid in the La Liga competition “La Liga”: “He is more than upset, I hope to see Gareth Bale with us next Monday, he wants to be with us He wants to play. “

Zidane confirmed that Bill will miss the Real match against Valladolid, and continued, saying: “The player always wants to be ready, he suffered a slight injury, I talked to the doctors and told me that it is simple, it will not take more than three or four days, I hope he will not be exposed For a new injury in order for him to continue training and playing. “

Zidane explained that Bell had a slight ankle sprain, and continued: “He scored in the last game, I will always defend the players, they train every day, they do their best on the field, they always want to raise the profile of Real Madrid.”

“I am always worried about the injuries of the players, they are the ones who suffer the most, I prefer to have 25 players (ready) and to be puzzled when choosing a squad than to have injured players,” he added.

Zidane stressed that his team is still sticking to his desire to continue to progress and develop and achieve victories, and that this will be achieved through the gate of Valladolid in tomorrow’s match.

He went on, saying: “We are having good times, we want to continue what we do, we know that this is not an easy thing, we play one game every three days, and we always have to appear in our best photos, tomorrow’s match will be complicated in front of a competitor who lost only one match at his court “.