He was “convinced” about Neymar’s readiness for Dortmund


The German Thomas St. Toxel, the coach of Paris Saint Germain, confirmed on Friday, the absence of the Brazilian stars Neymar da Silva and Killian Mbappe from facing Amiens, on Saturday in the local league, pointing to his optimism about the readiness of the first game against Borussia Dortmund, on Tuesday, in the first leg of the Champions League final. Europe.

Mbappe’s absence from tomorrow’s match is due to the coach’s decision to rest in anticipation of the match against the German team on Tuesday, while Neymar will be absent for not fully recovering from injury in his ribs.

Tohkul Akkad said, in a press conference earlier on the eve of facing his host Amiens in the twenty-fifth stage of the domestic league, “If he plays or does not play (Neymar Saturday), he will be present in Dortmund, I am sure of that, but without being at his best level as It was two weeks ago. But he will help us, I’m sure and convinced. “

“The danger is decreasing every day, and we will decide today (Friday) with all the doctors” regarding his presence with us or not in Amiens in the last game before traveling to Germany.

Neymar has been absent from the stadiums since his injury in the ribs before the end of the first half of the match against Montpellier (5-0) on the first of February, so he missed the last three games of his team against his host Nantes (2-1) and his guest Lyon (4-2) in the league , And its host Dijon (6-1) in the quarter-finals of the French Cup competition.

In response to a question, he asked whether Neymar’s absence for two weeks was a problem for him, saying, “Is it possible that this situation will happen (in Amiens)? Yes. Is it better not to reach Dortmund without playing?”